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Should I wear a compression garment after breast augmentation surgery?

During a breast augmentation procedure, your surgeon first makes an incision in the fold underneath the breast and sometimes up to and around the nipple (when combined with breast-uplifting). Then they will make a space for the implant, either below or above the muscle before the implant is placed and the incisions closed.

To get the optimal results from your breast augmentation, it is important you take care of your breasts after the procedure and there are some basic steps you should follow.

Can I wear a sports bra after a breast augmentation or a compression garment?

After breast augmentation surgery, Mr Yii uses special dressings to support the breasts. You can also wear a specially designed compression garment. You can purchase garments that have been specifically designed for breast augmentation patients which help settle the breasts into the correct position.

It is advisable to wear this compression garment both day and night, for a period advised by your plastic surgeon and this may be individual to you and your recovery.

After this period, soft non-underwire bras or sports bras, as long as they aren’t too tight, can be worn. It is not advisable to wear underwire bras for at least a month after surgery as it can cause sores along the line of the incision or damage the skin as it is trying to heal.

What other breast augmentation advice should I follow?

Mr Yii will give you a comprehensive list of instructions on how best to take care of both yourself and your surgery.

Baths and swimming are not advisable until the incisions have completely healed and should be avoided for approximately four weeks after the procedure, but brief showers should be possible a few days after surgery.

Although you will need to rest and recover immediately after surgery, Mr Yii encourages his patients to embark on a very low level of activity from as soon as they return home to reduce the risk of blood clots.

You can resume light exercise and non-strenuous activities within the first month, but avoid any heavy exercise or lifting that will put pressure on the chest or arms.