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Breast Reduction

Although many women seek a breast augmentation procedure, for women who have overly large breasts they can be a source of discomfort on a daily basis. A breast reduction procedure can reduce this discomfort and produce a more pleasing and youthful shape to the breasts. Beast reduction can also be used to make the size of your breasts more even if one is much larger than the other.

Mr Yii will remove excess tissue and skin from your breasts and then they are reshaped to make them smaller, and your nipples repositioned. He may combine the surgical procedure with liposuction if necessary to remove fat from the breast.

A breast reduction procedure will be performed under general anaesthetic and generally patients stay overnight. Mr Yii uses dissolvable stitches which will disappear over a period of a few weeks.

Recovery is different for all patients but you should be able to resume normal activities after a week and be able to return to work in three to four weeks. You will be seen a week after the procedure and then a few weeks later.

As with all surgical procedures, there are risks and potential side effects to a breast reduction procedure and Mr Yii will discuss them in full with you before you go ahead with the procedure.